What, Where, When: The Built World

What, Where, When: The Built World


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Spring 2020

Not just a book, a visual experience. The first in The Built World series, this 6-booklet, accordion fold collection illustrates the historical trajectory of the built world from 3000 BCE to the present. When each booklet is unfolded to its full length, one can compare structures at any given time in a particular region with their contemporaries around the world.

Architects, students, anthropologists, artists, historians, and the curious minded would appreciate lining up booklets vertically to compare how our built world has evolved over thousands of years.

From Stonehenge to the Eiffel Tower to the landmarks of the contemporary cityscape, one can explore the dramatic evolution of form, style and technology. Booklets will focus on Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, and South America. Also included is a companion booklet with contextual material and critical essays.  

Venezuelan-born artist and designer, Efren Rojas illustrates an expressive vision of the world through his detailed and developed sketches. As a true visionary, Rojas has created work in multiple design disciplines: graphic, art direction and interior design.

 Editor, Denis Hector, Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture guides viewers through architecture sites and the built environment translated over time.

Size: 4 x 6.2”

Flat: 12’x 6.2”

Construction: 6 Accordion Fold Booklets in Slipcase

Publication Date: Spring 2020

Retail Price: $125

ISBN: 978-0-9986931-6-3

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