Spirit of Place by Oppenheim Architecture

Spirit of Place by Oppenheim Architecture


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"Like an archeologist, we try to uncover the truth of a site. Searching for an architecture that becomes one with its surroundings while amplifying the connection to place." – Chad Oppenheim

Oppenheim Architecture’s Spirit of Place is a poetic rumination on how architecture connects with the earth. This first published monograph of the work of Chad Oppenheim and his studio takes the reader to a world where boundaries are blurred between nature and architecture, heightening our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. Through passion and sensitivity towards man and nature, Oppenheim creates monumental yet silent work that invokes a site’s inherent power.

The unique format and more than 500 strikingly beautiful images transport the reader into the world that Oppenheim crafts, celebrating their belief that “form follows feeling.”

Chad Oppenheim’s subtle and powerful architectural sense is deeply rooted in place, in sensitivity towards the natural and built forms that give texture our lives and our world. The projects and ideas in this book take us on a journey across the world from dune to desert, from snowdrift to stream, from canyon to cosmos, with powerful forms creating harmony and counterpoint with place. The book’s spare and elegant design, led by Ilona Oppenheim, brings Chad’s sculptural imagination to life, instilling a sense of wonder and calm at the same time. He is to be congratulated on his compelling and contextual architecture. - Richard Rogers

I believe the architecture of a building says a lot about its soul and I wanted a building for the center that makes a statement to the world and the kids – something that will stand as a monument of optimism, to inspire the kids in it to aspire to greater things. I felt Chad was the only architect who could capture that. — Pharrell Williams, musician, record producer, composer, and fashion designer

Oppenheim’s Spirit of Place promises to elevate our spirits and reanimate our relationship to our surroundings. These immersive environments invite us to abandon our quotidian concerns in favor of experiences both more grounded and atmospheric. — Charles Waldheim. John E. Irving Professor of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Size: 13 x 9.2 x 2.5"

Construction: Hard shell slipcase with book sleeve and 200+ selfcover pages

Production: Netherlands

Publication Date: March 1, 2018

ISBN: 978-0-9986931-1-8

All proceeds from the book will be donated to Oceana.org, an organization striving to protect the world's oceans.

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